Episode #249: Fight for Your Best Life with John Brewer

John Brewer is an author and Special Forces Veteran with more than ten years’ experience enabling those who act to defend life, family, and country. Knowing firsthand the importance of self-reliance, he has made it his mission to enable others so they may live healthy, thriving lives.

John is the author of the book titled “Fight for Your Best Life.” He shares his passion and commitment for helping to empower others to protect themselves and their families with practical self-defense, safety tips, and self-awareness. His practical, effective, and multidisciplinary approach to safety and self-defense is based on the principles he learned in the military and is created to be specific to each individual’s needs based on their personal goals and lifestyle.

Download this informative episode to learn valuable tips on how you can empower yourself and keep you and your family safe through practical self-defense.                                                                                                                             






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