Episode #242: Living an Artist’s Life with Dana Sardano

Dana Sardano is a published author, co-founder of Phenom-Publishing, co-founder and Chief Officer of Curriculum+ Content at FindUniquelyU.com. She is also the owner, resident artist and intuitive at Ubuntu Fish Gallery in Stuart, Florida.

Dana shares her personal journey of leaving a lucrative 23 year long career in education to fully embrace an artist’s life. She now integrates her intuition, leadership skills, educational experience, and artistic ability to help others lead empowered lives.

This episode is a lively and vibrant conversation which covers a variety of topics including how to listen to the signals your body is giving you, how to listen to your intuitive nature, cutting toxic ties, awakening your creative self, choosing love over fear, and so much more. Download this episode to hear Dana’s story along with her incredible energy, terrific sense of humor, and learn how you can choose love over fear.








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