Episode #231: Exploring the Spiritual Realm with Michelle Henderson

Michelle Henderson is a Certified Spiritual Advisor, psychic medium, spiritual artist, healer, author, coach, and host of a live weekly podcast called Michelle’s Inspiration Hour.

As a former teacher, educational diagnostician, and behavior analyst teaching children with autism, Michelle published two books, one titled “A Three Element Social Skill Program: Instruction, Drama, and Technology,” and a recently published book titled “Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children.” She now helps to guide others through their pathway and journey to spiritual insight and spiritual healing.

Michelle shares her own personal journey into the spiritual realm beginning at a very young age, and having a spiritual awakening as an adult, prompting her to pursue further training and becoming a Certified Spiritual Advisor. She also shares her many words of wisdom including how to embrace your intuitive gifts, how to use your energy to heal yourself, and how to listen to and understand the gifts that the spiritual world has to offer.

Download this fascinating and fun episode to hear her story and the magic of exploring the spiritual realm.






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