Episode #228: Choose to Live a Courageous Life with Clint Hatton

Clint Hatton is an author, motivational speaker, personal development and leadership coach, and the founder of BigBoldBrave, which is based out of McKinney, Texas. He is also a loving husband and the proud father of three beautiful sons.

Clint has been coaching individuals and teams for over 20 years with a proven track record of helping people grow professionally and personally, achieve success, and build healthier marriages and relationships. He recently published his first book titled Big Bold Brave: How to Live Courageously in a Risky World, which contains wisdom and strategies he has lived by to thrive despite his greatest personal loss.

Clint shares how he made a courageous decision to overcome addiction, pursue a coaching career, and launch a successful business coaching others to live a courageous life. He also shares his deeply personal story of the loss of his eldest son and navigating through the personal tragedy and grief with his family, including how they managed to comfort and support each other as they grieve their son and brother.

Download this powerful, positive, and encouraging episode to hear Clint’s story along with many valuable tips and words of wisdom to learn how we can all make the choice to live a courageous life. You do not want to miss this!








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