Episode #227: Stop Stretching, Feel Better with Yogi Aaron

Yogi Aaron has spent over 30 years studying the ancient teachings of yoga as well as modern and scientific practices which promote pain free living on every level of self, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Yogi Aaron is an author, co-owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, creator of the revolutionary approach to yoga which integrates Applied Yoga Anatomy with Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA), and host of the Stop Stretching yoga podcast and an avid animal lover. He is trailblazing a new path in the world of yoga and is known for his unorthodox perspectives on stretching and flexibility and how both cause more harm than good, his teachings aim to help as many people as possible live a pain-free life so they can realize yoga’s true intentions. He is passionate about guiding people back home to their truest self, helping them tap into their limitless potential, eliminate their pain, and live their life’s purpose.

Yogi Aaron shares his personal story of living with debilitating, frustrating, chronic pain which launched him on a journey of life-long learning and finding his soul’s true calling. Download this informative and uplifting episode to hear his inspiring story along with his remarkable sense of humor along with valuable tips to help YOU live your life’s true purpose.






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