Episode #225: Brain Power, Mindset, and Neuroplasticity with Gemma Bailey

Gemma Bailey is the founder and director of People Building, a personal and professional development company specializing in NLP training, hypnosis, and coaching.

Gemma is currently training in neuro psychology, an author, and the creator and franchisor for NLP4Kids, a company which teaches practitioners how to help children, families, and schools with mild to moderate mental health issues. She is also an international speaker, author, you-tuber, director of a non-profit called Superheroes, and host of the People Building Podcast, which provides listeners with an alternative view regarding psychology.

Gemma describes how she began her career working with children, and her fascination with watching them grow and develop, leading her to pursue further education and training. She shares her personal story of how she was an advocate for her mom as she struggled with a rare form of early onset of dementia and managing the care of her special needs sister at the same time, while still pursuing higher education and running several businesses as well. She has amazing insights and tips to help you thrive during challenging times, by tapping into the incredible malleability of your own nervous system and brain power. And she shares her positive message with a healthy dose of charm, snark, and humor.

Download this informative, uplifting, and entertaining episode to learn how you can change your life and your mindset by using your brain power and the malleability of neuroplasticity.







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