Episode #221: Live the Life of Your Dreams with Debby Krusz

Debby Krusz is a Certified Life Meditation and Energy Healing Coach, Certified Dream Manager Coach, Business Consultant, Dream Pollinator, and multi-published author. She is also a survivor of crushed dreams and an expert in Dream Rescue.

After climbing the corporate ladder and working as the COO of a hospital, Debby realized her work was not in alignment with her beliefs and values, causing her to follow a different life path. She now helps others ignite the fire within them to get to their dreams and live the life they were meant to have.

Debby shares how she was sold the traditional dream of success, which was to follow the money and climb the corporate ladder but realizing that she was simply going through the motions. When she understood that her physical and emotional health was being compromised, she found the courage to follow her dream, becoming a writer and publishing three books in nine months.

Download this fascinating and uplifting episode to hear her remarkable story, and how you can find your true purpose in life and live the life of your dreams.









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