Episode #219: Surviving and Thriving after GBS with Holly Frances

Holly Frances is a Canadian writer, author, speaker, rare illness advocate, certified personal trainer, mom of a blended family of five, and survivor of the rare auto-immune disorder called Gilliam-Barre Syndrome.

Holly is also the face behind Holly After GBS on social media, where her recovery videos have inspired millions of people around the world. She is currently working on her memoir about turning her medical nightmare into a crusade of helping others by giving them hope and encouragement.

Holly shares her harrowing story of experiencing vague symptoms of pain and weakness three weeks after giving birth to her daughter sent her to the hospital for treatment. Instead of being treated and released as she expected, Holly’s condition quickly deteriorated, and was diagnosed with Gilliam-Barre Syndrome, a rare auto-immune disorder which attacks the nervous system, leaving her completely paralyzed unable to breathe, placed on a ventilator, and spending three months in the hospital.

Holly shares her experience in great detail with a spirit of grace and gratitude, including how many times she wanted to give up. But with her own determination, inner strength, and grit along with the help and support of her family and medical team, Holly made a complete recovery.

Download this inspiring episode to hear Holly’s story as well as her powerful wisdom of surviving and thriving, no matter what life throws your way!





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