Episode #188: A Life of Victory Through God’s Grace with Stephanie Olson

Stephanie Olson is a speaker, author, and CEO of The Set Me Free Project, an organization which provides education and prevention of human trafficking, as well as social media safety, and establishing healthy relationships.

Stephanie has a passion and a mission to share that each person has an intrinsic value which cannot be changed, no matter what trials and tribulations life throws our way. She inspires and empowers people through her views as well as her personal experience on resilience and leadership.

Stephanie shares her personal experience of living with years of parental abandonment, eating disorders, alcoholism, domestic abuse, and sexual violence, and how she overcame her trauma through determination, faith, and resilience to live a life of victory. Stephanie is passionate about preventing children from the horrors of human trafficking and provides valuable trainings to educators, parents, and social workers as well as the general public regarding this global heinous practice. She is also the author of multiple books as well of the host of the popular podcast called Resilience in Life and Leadership.

Download this empowering and informative episode to learn how you can help prevent human trafficking, overcome trauma, establish healthy relationships, and live a life of victory.









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