Episode #177: Creativity, Self-Expression, and Going Beyond the Pen with Maccabee Griffin

Maccabee Griffin is the founder and owner of Mack Griffin VO, a company whose mission is to help business thrive by using proven voice-over techniques to bring his clients’ products or services to a broader audience in the digital world.

Mack integrates his extensive and diverse life experiences from the theater and the military to behind the mic to shares his clients’ stories. He is also the host of the outstanding and popular podcast Beyond the Pen, where he interviews new authors to discover the story behind the story and give his listeners a personal glimpse at the author behind the words.

Download this episode to hear Mack’s story and how he feeds his creative energy to create characters, tell stories, and help others find their own path to creativity and self-expression.


mackgriffinvo.com  (Company Website)

youtube.com/channel/UCpTf-MYfICvE325Dp9AxjOg  (Portfolio)

812-955-1936 (Mobile)


live:macenwolfe (Skype)

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