Bonus Episode #7: Sacred Cycle and Thriving Through Sports and Nature with Devan Schultz

Devan Schultz is an expert in Sport and Performance Psychology who facilitates conversations around the valuable life skills which can be learned through sports and the great outdoors. She has worked in a variety of populations from youth to collegiate athletes, competitive skiers and snow boarders, firefighters, and more.

Devan also has extensive experience teaching Mindfulness in Nature, has worked as a Behavioral Health Counselor, Wilderness Therapy Guide, and spent 45 consecutive days in the back country of Southeast Alaska, utilizing the outdoors as a space for healing and teaching a multitude of life skills.

Devan is also the Program Director for Sacred Cycle, a non-profit organization which empowers female survivors of sexual trauma through therapy and mountain biking, creating a sacred cycle of recovery, personal development, and community.

Download this fascinating episode to hear Devan’s story and learn valuable tips including the restorative benefits and learning opportunities which come from being outdoors, adaptability and rolling with changes while taking control of what you can, and how to learn into discomfort to become stronger and thrive in life through sports and nature.

Instagram: @sacredcycle


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