Episode #161: Giving Hope and Making an Impact with Bettina Brown

Bettina Brown is a physical therapist who is also board certified in both wound care and lymphedema management. Her professional experience, continuing education and expertise led her to work with clients one-on-one who are either going through, or have gone through, breast cancer treatment and lymphedema.

Bettina is also the host of In The Rising Podcast, which focuses on sharing information and techniques which help people realize their self-love along with self-care to help their body thrive in an optimal state of well-being. She shares her journey of life-long learning and discovery which guided her physical therapy career and her deep desire to help people.

Bettina also explains how she managed to earn a degree in biochemistry and land an internship at Johns Hopkins doing genetic research in spite of struggling with imposter syndrome. She describes how she was mentored by a future Nobel Prize winner and being acknowledged by him for her work in assisting him his research. That moment changed her life and the way she looked at people forever.

Download this episode to be inspired by Bettina’s remarkable journey and learn how you can make an impact on the lives of others. You do NOT want to miss this!

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