Episode #153: An Ordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Things

Laura Eiman is an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things because she got mentally tough. She is a Navy SEAL certified “Mental Toughness Coach,” Gold Medal Olympic Weightlifter, and mental toughness coach for corporate and college women. Her small business has been endorsed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Rachel Ray.

Laura wasn’t always a winner. As a sugar addict and food junkie, twenty years ago she was overweight, newly divorced with two young children, unemployed, and had no direction. Laura began studying the mindset of Olympic athletes, Navy SEALS, and Greek philosophers. She developed a unique mental toughness program to overcome her negative attitude, lack of direction, and life-threatening sugar addiction for good.

Laura shares her story as well as her remarkable transformation and gives valuable tips, techniques, and philosophies to help you find your mental toughness and transform your life. Download this episode to discover how YOU can become an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.








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