Episode #151: Discover The Angels of Grace

Grace Di Angeli is a wife, entrepreneur, and breast cancer survivor. She is also the host of The Breast Cancer Heroes Journey and the founder of The Angels of Grace.me. Grace shares her personal story of childhood trauma, physical abuse, and a suicide attempt which led her to learn how to overcome adversity and discover her true life’s calling.

She began her entrepreneurial journey at 40 by building and scaling a family construction company to earning 7 figures. Seven years later, Grace was diagnosed with breast cancer as she watched her family business taken away from her at the same time.

In spite of her trials and tribulations, Grace not only survived, she thrived. And she is on a mission to help women all over the world do the same. Download this episode to hear her incredible story, her vibrant energy, her remarkable sense of humor and valuable tips and advice to help you heal from whatever life throws your way.




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