Episode #120: Reject The Victim Mindset and Take Control of Your Life

Nelson Tressler is the founder and CEO of IGOTSMARTER, a goal achievement program and app created to help people succeed in every aspect of life. He is also a US Air Force Veteran, father of three sons, and the author of “The Unlucky Sperm Club,” which highlights that we are not victims of our circumstances, but a product of our choices instead.

Nelson’s success and life philosophy come from his unique beginnings. Rape, murder, extreme poverty, and the biggest trial ever to hit his small town were just a few things waiting for Nelson upon his birth. The child of a 15-year-old mother, Nelson’s young life had him starting at the bottom. The oldest of five children and raised in poverty by an abusive stepfather, Nelson learned how to turn resourcefulness and tenacity into a life skill.

Download this inspiring episode to hear Nelson’s story and learn how you can reject the victim mindset and achieve whatever it is that your heart desires.

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