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For The Love of Dog


I love dogs, and I have loved them from the moment I was born, maybe even sooner. I know, it sounds rather melodramatic, but it isn’t. It’s the God’s truth.

A lot of people don’t feel the same way. My recent interview with Pat Buttitta is an example of how some people might feel about dogs. For over 25 years Pat had an irrational fear of dogs which bordered on terror. However, once he faced his fears, his life changed dramatically, even propelling him into a new and satisfying career as a dog trainer.

Pat doesn’t train dogs. He trains people. Because most of the problems people have with their dogs is the fault of the owner, not the dog. Dogs simply react to the conditions of their environment. Our job is to make that environment as user friendly as possible for one of the greatest gifts God gave us.

As Pat so eloquently says it, dog is God spelled backwards. And I couldn’t agree more, could you?