Episode #97: How Self-Advocacy Can Save Your Life

Hollie Clere is an author, entrepreneur, small business owner, speaker, consultant, strategist, and mom of two teenagers. She is also an ovarian cancer survivor and a voice for self-advocacy and taking charge of your own health care.

Hollie explains the importance of understanding your body and listening carefully to the signals it is sending you. She lists the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer that every woman should know and be aware of. Unfortunately, the symptoms are vague and tend to be common symptoms that all women experience during her lifetime. But knowledge is power, and Hollie shares valuable and life-saving information regarding early detection, recovery, self-awareness, and self-care, 

Download this episode to listen to Hollie’s inspiring story and learn discover how you can be your own health advocate so you can get the care you need. And please, share this information with all the women you know. It could save a life.      

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