Episode #67: The Magic and Science of Happiness

Meet Marrielle Monte, happiness activist and positive affirmation aficionado. Marrielle is passionate about spreading happiness, especially to elementary school children to empower them to lead happy and healthy lives.

Her inspiration for teaching happiness came when March 20th was declared as the International Day of Happiness. As a dancer, actress, and comedian, she choreographed a happy dance intertwined with positive affirmations for children, which she introduced to the teacher and children in her son’s first grade class. The results were phenomenal, and over the next fer years the program grew to involve the entire school, including teachers and parents.

As a result of this incredibly popular and uplifting experience, Marrielle wrote an award winning book titled “Magic Thinking for Kids.” In this episode, she explains the science behind her remarkable work, and how it actually changes the neural pathways in children to help them develop courage, resilience, and confidence. Her program is so successful that she has expanded it and created one for adults as well. 

Download this uplifting and energetic episode to hear Marrielle’s story and learn valuable insights on how to have more happiness and joy in your life. Warning….Marrielle’s infectious positive energy can be contagious. In a very healthy way!