Episode #57: Embrace Your Richness

After spending 36 years working in critical care as a respiratory therapist, Sue Kaltenbach began a new career as a professional photographer specializing in photographing people over 50.

Sue shares her personal experience of dealing with chronic pain due to being born with congenital defects in her spine and both knees, but never giving in to it and staying active and healthy during her entire life. She also talks about participating in a century bike ride at the age of 56, having three major surgeries in one calendar year, and hiking a fourteener three years later at the tender young age of 60.

Sue explains that we get more interesting as we get older, because of our life experiences and depth of knowledge. She encourages us to embrace our richness, and not to give our negative experiences the power to destroy us. There are many life’s lessons in this uplifting and inspirational episode, including that it doesn’t have to be pretty to get it done, and sometimes you just need beef and beer. Download this episode to hear more words of wisdom from Sue Kaltenbach!    

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