Episode #237: Cancer, Musical Theater, and Other Chronic Illnesses with Edward Miskie

Edward Miskie is an actor, writer, producer, singer, composer, and dot connector. He is also the sole survivor of a rare Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and author of “The 10 Year Cancer Survivorship Edition of Cancer, Musical Theater, & Other Chronic Illnesses.”

The book falls in the newly minted genre by Edward himself as being “as a funny-as-cancer- can-be fantasy non-fiction. It has been described as a musical theater fever dream fueled by chemo, alcohol, sex, and heartbreak, and also comes with a disclaimer that you do not need to know or like musical theater to cry and laugh your way through the indecencies of the book.

Edward describes how he went from performing in a production of Hairspray in Reno to being a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy at the age of 25 with a dire prognosis of recovering. He chronicles his journey from diagnosis to cancer free, including that he was broken up with, lost his best friend, and missed career opportunities while losing his hair, his body, his sense of identity all while planning his own funeral.

Edward shares his story with levity and humor, including the dark times and the fear of going through cancer treatment as well as the difficulty trying to go back to his life as it previously was. But cancer changed everything. Eventually he realized that he was given a rare opportunity to start over, reinvent himself, and create a new life for himself.

This episode is for everyone who has gone through or is going through tough times including cancer, chronic illness, relationship problems, financial issues, etc., who needs some positive energy, encouraging words, and a chance to connect with someone who’s been there, done that, and experienced the heartache and indignities that goes along with it.

Heads up, there is some salty language and subjects that might not be suitable for young ears, so it is for adults only. Download this episode to learn how you can turn your trials and tribulations into musical theater.








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