Episode #233: Fitness Over 40 and Beyond with Sean Carlton-Appleton

Sean Carlton-Appleton is a certified Personal Trainer, Movement Specialist, and owner at Renaissance Fitness and Personal Training LLC which is dedicated to restoring what was for people aged 50 and over.

Sean is also the creator of Revolution: Ageless Body, helping you become faster and stronger in your 40s and beyond, and the host of the Fitness Reborn Podcast. Sean is dedicated to providing tangible and valuable content regarding every aspect of fitness including physical, hormonal, mental, and spiritual health to his listeners, followers, and clients. Sean’s tagline is “Aging isn’t optional but getting old is.”

Sean shares his personal fitness story, including how he began his professional career by teaching fitness classes, which prompted him to pursue his certification as a personal trainer and launched him onto a journey of lifelong learning regarding health and fitness. Discover why he is passionate about helping people over 40 and 50 continue to improve their level of fitness and quality of their lives, even if they are just beginning their fitness journey. Download this positive and encouraging episode to hear his words of wisdom and learn many valuable tips to be fit and healthy in your golden years, including the one thing Sean recommends that each of us should do every single day for our health and fitness over 40, 50, and beyond.







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