Episode #217: The Pillars of Health with John Katsavos

John Katsavos is a Personal Trainer and host of The Fitness Oracle podcast who is dedicated to helping people regain their confidence through exercise, martial arts, and mindset hacks.

Over the past 20 years, he has developed healthy hacks both in and out of the gym which have been proven to improve mental health in young men and women by implementing his 4 “Pillars of Health.” His pillars include nutrition, rest and recovery, exercise, and mindset, which work together to achieve health and vitality.

John has his own personal experience with anxiety and depression which became so severe that he found himself standing on the edge of a bridge, ready to end his life. What happened next truly was Divine Intervention, giving John the insight and the motivation to turn his life around.

Download this episode to hear John’s inspiring story as well as tips on how you can improve your quality of life through better mental and physical health with John’s 4 Pillars of Health.






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