Episode #149: Using Mindset for Peak Performance

Herb Kieklak, also known as Coach K, is an Exercise Specialist, Physical Performance Coach, Certified Mindset Coach, Tai Chi Instructor, and author of “Run Better, Run Faster Using a Biomechanical Approach,” and “Stop Running, Start Gliding.”

Herb is an expert in integrating his clients’ mechanical skills (how they move), with their mindset skills (how they manage their emotional responses to life events). He also teaches then how to apply these skills into daily life. In this episode, Herb explains how he changed his identity and lifestyle from being a beer drinking television watcher to an elite athlete simply by changing his mindset. He shares his remarkable story as well as how he helps his clients learn how to become better athletes as well as better people. Download this episode to discover his many secrets to success as well as his remarkable sense of humor.




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