Episode #135: Rethinking Our Relationship with Alcohol


Dr. Sherry Price is a Doctor of Pharmacy, mom, life coach, founder and owner of DrinkLess Lifestyle. Sherry shares her personal story how one glass of wine to relax at the end of a long day eventually turned into two, three, and more. Every night.

Sherry’s own struggles and consequent transformation from over drinking to occasional drinking prompted her to become a certified life coach and starting her own business to help other women who overdrink change their relationship with alcohol. Instead of a 12-step program, Sherry uses a 12-week program designed especially for women, using neuroscience and the principle of neuroplasticity to empower women to regain control over alcohol.

Society has a way of normalizing and promoting alcohol, but shaming us when it becomes a problem, causing even more shame, guilt, and reluctance to seek help. Sherry explains how simple changes in our narrative around drinking changes the pathways in our brains, allowing us to choose not to drink, or drink only in moderation.

Download this informative episode to learn how you can rethink your relationship with alcohol, and release its power and control over you and your life.

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