How to Move Past Fear

Fear is something that we are all experiencing right now to a certain degree with the uncertainty of what is going on with COVID-19. Fear is an emotional response to any threat or danger, real or perceived and it is meant to warn us of danger to keep us safe. Unfortunately, prolonged fear can lead to stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. It can render us paralyzed and unable to move forward, and it can also have detrimental effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health as well as our immune system. Here are a few simple tips how to move past fear and stay fit, flexible, strong, healthy, and boost your immune system at the same time.

It’s really quite simple. Just keep moving. No matter what’s going on around you or where you are, just move. The gyms are closed, the yoga, dance, and Pilates studios are shut down, but you have a lot of opportunities to move in your own home using functional activities. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use your stairs. Place your foot on the stair step, stand tall, pull in your abs, make sure your knee is directly over your foot, engage your gluts (butt muscles) and slowly extend your leg to step up. Moving slowly recruits more muscle tissue giving you more strength, power, and tone. Slowly revers the process, lowering your foot back down on the step, rolling through all parts of the foot to gently return to your starting position. Do 5-10 reps and repeat other side.
  • Get up out of your chair. Sit on the edge of a firm chair so that you are sitting on your sit bones. Place your feet firmly on the floor and the palms of your hands against the chair. Gently press your palms into the chair, activating your latissimus and triceps.
  • As you press down, pull your abdominal muscles in and up, lengthening your spine and strengthening your core. Add pressing your feet firmly into the floor as you use your arm and abs, activating your legs. Do 5-10 reps each side.
  • Stretch in your kitchen. We all have to clean our kitchens, so use it as an opportunity to stretch your body. Use your whole body to reach into your cabinets. Gently squat, bending from your hips instead of bending from your back to load and empty the dishwasher. Sway and sift your weight side to side as you clean the counter tops. Relax and soften your knees as you sway back and forth to mobilize your hips and spine.

Remember to move slowly, carefully, and mindfully. This is an opportunity to truly to embrace the mind/body connection as you strengthen your body, mind, spirit, and soul. Stay strong, stay safe, keep moving, and be healthy!