Episode #210 Stop, Breathe, and Discover Your Superpower with James Van Der Walt

James Van Der Walt is a life transformation coach who works with people aged 30 years and over who feel disconnected and disjointed from who they truly want to be. He is a registered nurse who worked a variety of highly specialized areas for 20 years in the UK until he was sidelined by a life-threatening medical condition.

James shares his personal life transformation of leaving the field of nursing, moving to the US in January of 2020 right before the pandemic lockdowns, and navigating the changes in his life and the world as well. He became a Certified Life and Health Coach, started his own company, and now inspires his clients to stop simply surviving life, but to live it to their full potential.

James also shares his insights on how our beliefs and our self-doubt can change simply by taking time to slow ourselves down and taking the time for self-introspection and reflection. He also explains how our life challenges and tribulations can turn into our superpower and gives valuable tips how you can find yours.

Download this episode to hear his powerful story, and learn how you can stop, breathe, and discover your own superpower.





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