Episode #208: Inner Wisdom, Human Dignity, and Embodied Meditation with Neil McKinlay

Neil McKinlay is a meditation coach and facilitator who learned to meditate as a teenager when his swim coach taught him and his entire team one rainy Saturday night. He has spent his adult life studying, practicing, and teaching embodied meditation. During this time, Neil has lead meditation events of over one hundred people both in-person and online as well.

Neil has been a parent, partner, author, and competitive swim coach. He is also the host of the Bringing Meditation to Life podcast. In the past few years, he also became a survivor as he recovers from a relationship with a dysfunctional spiritual mentor. He describes how embodied meditation helps us settle our attention and access the inherent wisdom and dignity which is in each and every one of us.

Neil also shares his personal experience of betrayal and trauma at the hands of a trusted spiritual mentor, and how this crisis became an incredible opportunity for further self-exploration and personal growth. Download this gentle but powerful episode to hear Neil’s story and how you can discover your own inner wisdom and human dignity through embodied meditation.





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