Episode #194: Adding Purpose and Value to Life with Robert C. Peterson

Robert C. Peterson is an author, podcaster, coach for entrepreneurs, co-founder and President of Add Value to Life Consulting, LLC. He is also the author of the book titled “The Entrepreneur Mindset $hift: Growth Characteristics of Success.” Robert and his lovely wife Noelle believe that they were meant to encourage others and build them up,  in every aspect of life.

Robert has a lifelong passion of serving and helping people, including serving in the United States Marine Corps, visiting 30 countries, and being a Keynote Speaker in over a dozen countries. After 20 years in ministry, Robert and Noelle felt a call to help people with business development and growth.

Robert shares many secrets to the mind shift changes and growth potential that lead to success in life and business, along with many valuable tips and pearls of wisdom to help you add purpose and value to your life. Download this episode today hear Robert’s amazing and uplifting story.







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